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Consumer Value Added Services in the ISP Industry  Available Now!

This report is based on an in-depth review of the consumer service offerings of the top 20 US Internet service providers.  It is designed to speak to both ISPs and vendors by addressing the business values of each service offering and delivers a current snapshot of the service provider business through examining trends in four distinct categories of consumer services.  The report includes detailed analysis and trend reporting on more than 20 consumer-oriented services, evaluating the current usage, pricing models, profit potential and top vendors for each service.

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Taking the Pulse of Internet Service Provider Industry: 
Available Now!  Evolutions and Revolutions driving the ISP Business in 2003

This new ISP-Market report is based on a survey of  North American Internet service providers and their business environment.   It is designed to deliver a solid understanding of the current evolution of the Internet service provider business model through examining the customer base, revenue base, technologies and services that ISPs are delivering and planning in 2003.  Detailed analysis of access, hosting, managed and consumer services are derived from the surveys of over 150 Internet Service Providers.   Market trends, spending projections, and a model of the typical ISP are drawn from survey responses.

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Broadband Wireless Access 2002:         Available Now!    
Service Provider Profiles, Market Drivers and Spending Projections 
This new report from ISP-Market, LLC examines the ISP and WISP business environment to clearly show the regulatory, cost and technological benefits of using fixed wireless technologies to deliver a broadband solution.  The report takes an in-depth look at more than 120 WISPs, the markets they are serving, and the key factors and challenges faced when choosing to deploy fixed wireless technologies.  ISP-Market surveyed qualified WISPs regarding their vendor selection criteria, current service plans, customer base and projected one year growth and spending plans.

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ISP to xSP: Putting the Service in Service Provider
The adoption of xSP Service Offerings in the ISP Marketplace Available Now!  

ISP-Market conducted a survey of US ISPs for the purposes of analyzing adoption rates and interest levels related to xSP service offerings.  This new report is based on in-depth analysis of over 350 ISPs revealing their implementation plans for more than 20 individual value added services and related technologies.  Service categories examined include, Network based services, Hosting Services (HSP), Application Services (ASP), Monitoring Services (MSP), Managed Services (MSP), Security Services (MSSP), Storage Services (SSP), Wireless Services (WSP) and more. 

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ISP-Market Research:  No extreme predictions - Just real facts
ISP-Market is constantly polling the various service provider industries and occasionally we publish those findings.  Our reports are intended to follow new technologies by tracking industry trends, analyzing market interest and examining adoption rates.  We present only hard facts in an easy to follow format that presents a clear picture of the section or subsection of the market surveyed.


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